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Artikel Alumunium - Aluminum Boats Can Save You Money In The Long Run
Artikel Alumunium
Aluminum Boats Can Save You Money In The Long Run

      In the past few years, more and more recreational boat owners have come to discover the joys and savings of owning aluminum boats. Commercial boat owners have been aware of these benefits for many years and, because of their outstanding qualities, aluminum boats make more sense for the private boat owner.To begin with, they are easy to build, last longer, and have good resale value. It is easy to construct down to approximately 22 feet, is very strong, and almost maintenance-free. The aluminum hull is lighter than steel by approximately 45%, which makes it very easy to trailer.

      If you were to compare aluminum boats with either fiberglass or steel, you would find that they are superior in strength, weight, durability, maintenance, depreciation, and design flexibility. Depth finders are easily installed by simply drilling and tapping into the hull. Corrosion and electrolysis are no longer a major concern because of today's marine grade aluminum. Aluminum boats can be as attractive as any other in the marina with the proper application of your primer and undercoating, finished with a corrosion resistant topcoat. Epoxy paints are considered the best protection wherever things are mounted to the aluminum surface, and for anything below the water line. For those who choose to leave their boats in the water year-round, an additional anti-fouling paint, such as, "No-Foul," would help eliminate any marine growth problems.

      Noise levels and insulation in today's aluminum boats are comparable to vessels made of other materials, allowing normal conversation and listening to radios or personal stereos possible, even at cruising speed. By making sure that initial construction and the right protective coatings have been applied where needed, recreational boaters know they will have a family boat that will be with them forever.

Author : Miguel Martin

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